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Luxo 360 LED Task Light


PIR Sensor

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The 360 LED is available only on special order with a minimum order quantity of 25 pcs. Please Contact us for Pricing.

The 360 task light has a distinctive design and great functionality. A custom made 6.5 Watt LED module in a horizontal lamp head provides a broad, directional light. The rotating base and flexible arm takes little space when the task light is pushed back. When fully extended, the task light covers a large area, while the lamp head stays parallel with the surface – providing asymmetric and ergonomically correct workstation lighting. 360 is dimmable, and automatically turns itself off after 9 hours in order to save energy. The table base is included.

Technical Description

- Light source: 6.5W Dimmable LEDs (4x1.6W)
- Total Energy Consumption: 7.5W
- Offstate Power: 0.3W
- Illuminance: 105 footcandles at 16 in. ( 1100 lux at 400 mm)
- Color temperature: 3250 Kelvin
- Color rendering: 80
- Automatic shut-off after 9 hours
- AC/DC Converter: Electronic plug-in transformer
- Power cord: 4.5' long
- Colors: Black, Silver Grey, White
- Table/Desk Base

PIR Sensor

Luxo’s new PIR sensor enhances control and energy savings. By detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body, the sensor automatically turns a task light off when the user has been away from the workspace for a brief time. This quick-connect accessory can be used with any Luxo LED arm-based task light.

Technical Description

-Operating voltage – DC 5V – 25V
-Output voltage – Equal to input voltage
-Load current - <3A
-Static power loss - ≤50u
-Delay time – Adjustable from 2 seconds – 6 minutes (15 seconds is the default setting)
-Product dimensions – 1.89in. x .98in. x .55in.


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