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Comfort Keyboard Ergorest + Keyboard

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Comfort Keyboard Systems teams with ErgoRest to design the best possible keyboard and forearm support combination available on the market today! The ErgoRest Keyboard System is a complete ergo solution: two keyboard sections and two ErgoRest® arm supports mean that this is one solution that saves you from purchasing a keyboard tray and/or separate keyboard arm supports.

ErgoRest+ sections all have a completely distinct base, which allows the ErgoRest keyboard system to conform to differing shoulder widths — and the mechanism is all-new and upgraded for the new millennium! Keyboard sections can be rotated 360 degrees, and separated up to six feet apart (6') to allow users to find the most comfortable position. Operating angles are precalibrated to offer 15 or 20 degree operation for best ergo positioning.

Sections can be easily attached to ErgoRest® Arm supports, and the optional numeric section can be added to the left or right section as well.


Mapping and Key Map Functions
Remapping (a.k.a. "re-mapping") mode allows you to customize and map your keyboard (i.e. reassign virtual keys to different physical locations). This can be useful for software applications that require the repeated use of one or more specific keys. It is also useful for consumers who simply find it more convenient to have various keys rearranged. And yes, every key on the keyboard is programmable. We'd call it a "key differentiating" feature - but then we'd be "off the map" right?

Individually programmable macro keys
A macro is multiple keystrokes stored in a single key. Pressing that key plays back those multiple keystrokes. If you find yourself typing a particular series of characters repeatedly, you can program that series into a macro key. You simply select a key to represent the series of characters. You may also program macros to reassign (remap) keys on your keyboard. In addition, you can use a macro to exit a program and enter another program quickly. A series of macros can be stored as a 'macro file' to your computer's hard drive. Each Macro file can hold up to approximately 1378 keystrokes. All 1378 keystrokes can be assigned to one macro or as many as 94 macros, using any keys except those listed below, with varying numbers of keystrokes per macro.

Left or Right Space Bar as Backspace
For added convenience, the ErgoFlex Keyboard allows you to program either the left or right space bar to backspace. This feature will allow you to program either the left or right space bar to have dual function as a space bar or a backspace. After programming the key, the space bar will function as a space bar if you press the space bar once. The space bar will function as a backspace if you hold the space bar down.

Programmable Repeat Rate Value
The repeat rate value (RRV) is the rate at which a key repeats itself when held down. "Delay until repeat" governs the first repetition; "repeat rate" governs later repetitions. This can be manipulated by certain operating systems as well.


PS/2 port, Mac ADB, SUN Type 6 or HP-HIL connector
USB supports IBM-PC, Mac and SUN
Supports All MAC OS-X



  • Key Layout: 105 keys, with standard 101 QWERTY layout and special function keys to emulate the Macintosh and other configurations, and activated Special Keyboard Functions
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Key Switches: Conductive elastomer rubber designed for 60 million cycles
  • Key Caps: Molded ABS plastic, double shot injection
  • Supply Voltage: 5VDC
  • Nominal Current: Less than 150ma
  • Memory Storage and Type: 32 kb ROM, 8 kb Flash
  • Keyboard Enclosures: High quality Cycolac ABS plastic, grade KJW
  • Fully programmable with no software or drivers to load
  • The ErgoRest+TM Keyboard System increases typing comfort and decreases fatigue
  • Sections can be positioned close together or further apart - adjusts to each person's shoulder width
  • Three sections: left-hand, right-hand, and numeric keypad (numeric optional)
  • Can be adjusted for use while sitting or standing
  • Features a programmable "rest period indicator" which reminds the user to take rest breaks periodically
  • Features special programmable functions to increase productivity, including: Keyboard macros designed to save keystrokes, exit and enter programs quickly, and otherwise help the operator use time more effectively
  • Capability to program the left or right space bar to backspace
  • Minimizes the need for retraining: The ErgoRest+TM Keyboard System features the standard QWERTY key arrangement


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