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ISE Increment 25 Inch-41 Inch

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Increment 25 Inch-41 Inch

Height adjustability is an essential part of every office. Height adjustabie tables allow workers to sit and stand while working, reducing fatigue and injury.

Allowing users to work at their ideal surface heights ensures that they are comfortable, productive and in the most ergonomically correct position at all times. Increment tables are a cost-effective and reliable way to provide height adjustability in all environments.


  • Pin height adjustment mechanism
  • Sleek finish with no lower crossbar
  • Simply unscrew the threaded knob and adjust table height
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Simple, curved foot style


  • Height range: 25 Inch-41 Inch from the floor to the top of a 1 Inch worksurface
  • Available in silver, white and black
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Available in 2-leg or 3-leg configurations in fixed widths from 36 Inch to 72 Inch
  • Warranty: 10 years


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