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ISE Deluxe Straight Station



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PACS Workstations

Hospitals and medical centers are embracing the digital revolution. Going are paper-based records and traditional x-ray films. Patient records have been digitized and radiologists view computerized x-rays on a monitor, alongside digital file notes and comparative images. These Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) are changing the way these doctors work.

Radiologists now spend extended periods in front of large, specialized screens which can strain eyes and cause numerous ergonomic issues.

ISE's PACS Workstations are the solution - they combine RISE height adjustability, innovative monitor arms and ISE's ability to fully customize the workstations to fit each individual hospital's needs.

Deluxe Straight Station

The Deluxe Straight Station combines ISE’s expertise in electric height adjustability with its customization capabilities. The innovative 4-leg RISE height adjustable base, combined with an  adjustable dual keyboard system, creates the ultimate ergonomic solution for prolonged computer use.

The independent electrically height adjustable monitor arm holds up to 4 Barco monitors and allows 19 Inch of adjustability without moving the worksurface. The arm allows for focal point adjustment and the single customized foot provides extra stability.

Features and Specifications

  • RISE 4-leg electric height adjustable base provides 22 Inch - 48 Inch height adjustability and a total of 475lbs weight capacity
  • Electric height adjustable monitor arm provides 19 Inch of height adjustment
  • Monitor arm holds up to 3 large Barco monitors (200lbs max) in any position and allows for focal point adjustability
  • Dual articulating keyboard arm ensures proper ergonomic keyboarding
  • Blue LED light source reduces eye stress
  • Worksurface can be made in any material, including Corian, thermofoil and Chemsurf laminate
  • ISE can customize these desks to fit the hospital's size requirements and to add power solutions, lighting and ergonomic accessories


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