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iMovr Synapse Adjustable Height Conference Table 36 Inch x 96 Inch

Pre-Assembled Synapse Conference Table

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Health in Numbers

Progressive employers are already helping their employees combat sitting disease through the use of standing desks, treadmill desks, desktop risers and other ergonomic aids, but until now little has been done to address the many hours employees spending sitting in meetings.

iMovR's Synapse line of height-adjustable meeting tables are designed to improve employees' productivity and health, by giving groups the option of changing from sitting to standing at any time. Studies have shown that standing meetings are more productive and finish faster than sitting meetings, and employees feel more energized and focused.

The Synapse Conference Table received a five out of five stars from WorkWhileWalking.

The Synapse line includes this Conference Table, as well as the more basic Scrum Table. The tables are identical except that the Scrum - designed for 15 minute "standing scrum meetings" that have gained great popularity in recent years - does not include the electrical modules for tabletop AC plugs and USB ports that come standard with this Conference Table (a total of four AC plugs and four USB adapters). For a 15 minute meeting you won't need them.

Solid Base, Solid Table

Built on the same electric base as the ThermoDesk Electra height-adjustable desk, the Synapse Scrum Table can support up to 495 pounds, yet is ultra-quiet at only 42 decibels - even when moving at an impressive speed of 1.7 inches-per-second. Like the Electra desk, the legs on the Conference Table can be folded down with the removal of just four machine screws, making it uncommonly easy to move the table from one room to another, or to another building.

Like the ThermoDesk line, the Synapse tabletops feature iMovR's trademark computer-contoured "ergo edging" and 3D lamination, that give them the appearance of having been lavishly carved out of solid hardwood. Available in eleven standard colors (plus over 50 custom color choices for bulk corporate orders), the Surf(x) 3D laminate is impervious to even the harshest cleaning chemicals.

The Synapse tables come factory pre-assembled. All you need do is unfold the legs, insert four machine screws, and flip the table over to begin enjoying faster, healthier meetings immediately.


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