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iMovr EcoLast TreadTop Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

EcoLast TreadTop Size


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  • One-body, high-density, 100% polyurethane construction ensures supreme lower body support
  • Perfectly-sized to fit unobtrusively atop any office treadmill
  • Lightweight to easily move on and off treadmill
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Made in America, 100% recyclable

Same EcoLast Quality, On Top of Your Treadmill

When you hit the pause button on your office treadmill desk, you probably stand in place to continue working on the treadmill deck. That’s bad news. Treadmill decks are made from durable material designed to withstand years of heavy footfalls; meaning they’re hard. Harder than your office carpet, and just as hard wood or tile flooring. Standing on a surface like that takes its toll on your feet, legs, and lower back and reduces your ability to stand while you walk. How do you keep your treadmill from pushing you into your chair more and more often? With an EcoLast TreadTop Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat from iMovR.

These lightweight mats preserve all the features that make iMovR’s EcoLast Premium line so popular, and adapt them to fit on your treadmill. By harnessing the power of unibody, high-density polyurethane, these mats are guaranteed to never delaminate, curl, or lose their buoyancy. Once you try an EcoLast mat you’ll find that you can stand for hours more each day, pain free and productive!

A Texas A&M study found unibody 100% polyurethane construction to be the best material to use in standing mats. Polyurethane outperformed lower-density, cheaper foam and gel mats by being three times more effective in reducing spinal compression throughout the day, and three times as effective in preserving sit-reach flexibility; two key scientific measures of a standing mat’s quality. As if that weren’t enough, high-density polyurethane stimulates proprioceptor nerves in your feet, improving your balance throughout the day. Compared to always walking in flat shoes on flat floors all the time – as we do in modern society – a little toes squishing every day goes a long way to helping our balance as we age.

EcoLast TreadTop Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats are naturally anti-microbial, and will easily stand up to most household cleaning agents. Cheaper mats can lose their buoyancy after as little as a year, ending up in a landfill and forcing you to spend more to replace them. EcoLast TreadTops are designed to last a lifetime, and are made from 100% recyclable polyurethane.

The EcoLast TreadTop received a five out of five stars from WorkWhileWalking's expert review team. Read their review here. Be sure to check out the EcoLast Premium line for more standing mat sizes and colors, including theDesigner Linen and Granite patterns!

If you work at a treadmill desk, the EcoLast TreadTop Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat is an indispensable part of making your workstation as ergonomically healthy as possible. Pick up one today and start standing longer, in more comfort. Your feet will thank you.



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