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Focal Upright Furniture Stabilizing Foot Rest


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Ask any woman wearing heels how she feels at the end of the night. The answer is likely to contain an expletive. The same goes for anyone standing for hours on end at the office. If your feet are in pain, the rest of your body is in pain. When you're in pain, you're not productive.

The Stabilizing Foot Rest makes it easier than ever to get foot support you need. It takes pressure off your feet, enabling better circulation and less foul language.

How does it work? Glad you asked. The simple action of placing your feet on the Stabilizing Foot Rest takes pressure off your foot bones, provides much-needed ankle support, and promotes circulation in your lower body. Additionally, the Stabilizing Foot Rest allows you to keep moving throughout the workday, encouraging you to vary postures while you work.

The Stabilizing Foot Rest can be paired with standing desks and traditional seated workstations. It is even better when paired with the Mobis and Mogo, taking pressure off the front of your feet so you can work comfortably all day long.


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