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Ergo Desktop Keyboard Extension For Junior Models

Leg Bundl



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We are all different when it comes to how close we want to be to our monitors but for most of our customers, the 24 Inch x 18 Inch work surface is large enough. For those some it may seem like you are too close to the screen, so for that reason, we offer an extension that will add 9 inches to the work surface. These extensions measure 24 Inch wide x 9 Inch deep and are designed to be used in the standing position only. If you need an extension that is larger than 9 inches, just give us a call. The extensions for The Junior Desk are Black and will match the finish of your Junior Desk work surface. They require no tools to put on. The extensions simply clip onto the leading edge of your work surface and can be put on or removed in just seconds.

Some users opt for a secondary leg when using the keyboard extension. If you would like to save $5.00 on an additional leg, please select the bundle option below.


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