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CoreChair Classic Chair


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CoreChair is an active sitting solution designed for those who find themselves sitting for extended periods of time, experiencing the discomfort of static sitting or who are concerned about the negative health effects of sitting.

Comfortable ergonomic active-sitting office chair

Patented design promotes movement to build core strength

Shorter back rest stabilizes pelvis and improves posture

Seat made from 3D knit polyester fabric

Comfortably seats those 5′ to 6’5″ tall

8 Year Warranty

The concept for our chair was inspired by the number of individuals who have intuitively exchanged their office chair for an exercise ball as well as the alarming evidenced based research on the health impacts of sedentary sitting.  The media has tuned into this scientific evidence and has attracted the public’s attention with articles titled the “Sitting Disease”, “The Perils of Sitting” and “Sitting is the new Smoking”.

While the exercise ball continues to grow in popularity in the pursuit of active sitting, studies have concluded that it has too many shortcomings to be a serious alternative, which is what inspired us to design a chair that better fit the task both in terms of function and appearance.

CoreChair CEO & Founder, Patrick Harrison, is a kinesiologist with a passion for healthy sitting solutions that was fine-tuned early in his career in the design of specialized seating for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. The primary objectives were to stabilize the pelvis, optimize the sitting posture for function and the prevention of pressure points to maintain tissue integrity. These same principles were introduced into the seat design of CoreChair and integrated into our patented core mechanism that allows 14 degrees of fluidic movement in all directions with adjustable resistance to accommodate and/ or challenge the user in developing the endurance of their core stabilizing muscles.

The seven-year development process has been fruitful, enabling us to explore every possible approach to optimize both the function and the quality.

We offer both comfort and the functional advantage that allows you to minimize sitting discomfort along with an opportunity to exercise while you sit at your desk.

CoreChair offers safe exercise routines that can be performed on the chair. Please refer to our website or the CoreChair channel on YouTube to access them!


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