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Grand Stands Sit-Stand Lady Bug Combo


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23875 Mongoose 2 Arm
• Tilt dial indicator and height gauge
• 141/3˝ total lift and lock height adjustment range
(8½˝ above mounting surface, 57/8˝ below)
• Knob for tilt release, 10º positive, 15º negative
• 360º swivel
• Retractable on 215/8˝ glide track
3400ET4 Lady Bug Platform and
Slide-Lock Mouse Tray
• 24˝ x 12˝ deep rear curved platform
• Overall width of platform and mouse tray is 30˝
• Custom memory foam palm rest, non-skid pads
for keyboard
• ARC design allows elbows to stay closer to the body
• Mousing surface is ¼˝ above keyboard surface
• Ideal for corner applications


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