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Contour Design Contour Mouse Optical USB White With or Without Scroll Wheel



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Key Features and Benefits:

Reduces or eliminates the grip force required to navigate and click traditional mice. This ergonomically sculpted mouse is designed to support your hand comfortably without the need to clutch the mouse to control it. Four right hand sizes and three left hand sizes properly fit your hand so you are not trying to navigate a mouse that is too small for your hand. You escape the habit of pinching a small mouse on the sides while curling your fingertips back to click on the buttons. Excessive clutching and finger flexing can aggravate the carpal tunnel and result in repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

A pronounced hump on the top of the mouse supports the bones in your hand from underneath, just like an orthopedic arch in a well constructed athletic shoe. The specially designed arch fills the hollow of your palm and allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse. This arch promotes straight alignment of your hand and wrist bones and slightly elevates your wrist off of the working surface. This helps to break the harmful habit of resting your wrist on the desk or mouse pad and pivoting the mouse from side to side. That pivoting can cause pain and discomfort as the forearm bones (radius and ulna) twist in directions not easily tolerated by human physiology.

Elongated buttons allow you to use the second knuckle of your finger to activate clicks, which uses a stronger, thicker tendon. On smaller, conventional mice, most users pull their fingertips back in order to activate the mouse buttons. The Contour Mouse allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse and activate the buttons with small, subtle motions without flexing your fingers. Please view the product video on this web page for a more detailed visual demonstration of this advantage. The elimination of flexing reduces carpal tunnel use and the threat of repetitive strain injuries.

Customize your mouse with your choice of Black or White color, Right or Left handed, with or without a scroll wheel, available in four different sizes. There is a Contour Mouse that is right for you and your work habits as well as your hand size. One size doesn’t fit all in shoe sizes and hand sizes are similar.

Convenient, out of the box, “plug and play” connectivity for both PC and Mac computers. This HID compliant device has the drivers “on board” and simply needs to be plugged into any empty USB port, without the need for a cumbersome connection routine.

Powerful scientific research went in before the product went out. The owner of Contour Design worked with ten CAD/CAM engineers who suffered with carpal tunnel pain in a lab for eighteen months to develop the current Contour Mouse design. They evolved through 120 different molds before they were satisfied. The final design allowed the injured engineers to work for eight hours without pain.

# 17 degree pronation angle relieves pressure on the forearm bones while still minimizing grip force. The design team considered more vertical designs in the development phase, but found that more grip force was required in order to activate the buttons. They found that a 17 degree angle relative to the working surface to be the right balance, relieving pressure from crossing the forearm bones caused by true “palm down” devices.

How to determine your size:

Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the first wrist crease with your hand held flat. If your hand measurement is between two sizes and you have a relatively thin hand, select the larger size. If you have a thick palm you should choose the smaller of the two.

Under 6-3/4" (17cm) = Small
6-3/4" to 7-1/2" (17cm to 19cm) = Medium
7-1/2" to 8-1/4 (19cm to 21cm) = Large
8-1/4" (21cm) or above = XLarge


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