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BodyBilt H114 Saddle Stool


SKU: H114


A Saddle Stool provides a solution for a convenient, multipurpose stool. Easy rolling, quickly adjusted, and ready for action.

Versatile, compact and portable, the BodyBilt Saddle Stool provides a comfortable seating option for office task work, industrial applications, or as a clinician's stool.  Its wide range of features are easily and quickly accessed for “on the fly” adjustments.  The Saddle Stool helps you to maintain a healthy spinal alignment by working in a more natural, correct posture.  Move up and down with ease, bend forward and reach further with less strain than with standard office seating.

BodyBilt’s line of Mid-Back, stool seating was designed specifically for labs, medical and manufacturing job performers.  In addition to BodyBilt’s pressure-reducing seat contours, each model features ten ergonomic adjustments that allow the user to control their own level of comfort.


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