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X-Chair X-TS Monitor Arm


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Increase the usable surface on your desk instantly. X-TS Monitor Arms will improve your posture and help you keep a tidy workspace.



Easy to Use
X-TS Monitor Arms were designed to make your life easy and productive. Creating an organized and healthy work environment doesn’t have to require an ergonomist and a handyman. In 10 minutes or less, you will be able to set up your new X-TS arm and be back to work with more space on your desk and a level of comfort previously unimaginable.


Sleek & Beautiful Design
If you're not a back room hacker, your workstation shouldn't give off that vibe. With smooth, modern lines, available in 3 neutral finishes, and coupled with our intuitve Active Cable Control, X-TS arms look great on any workstation. Hide loose wires, and create more desktop space to maintain a clean and professional looking work environment. X-TS looks great and functions even better.


FreeFlex TENsion
Similar to the ever-popular Sci-Float mechanism in X-Chair, the FreeFlex TENsion adjustment on all X-TS montior arms ensures flexible movement when you want it. Your montior won’t sag, droop, or move on it's own. Once you've mounted your monitor to your X-TS arm, simply adjust the the FreeFlex screw with the included wrench to set it to your desired tension.


Improve Your Posture
Did you know that Eyes Drive Posture? Immediately upon using your new X-TS monitor arm, you'll notice an instant improvement in your posture. This is the effect of having your monitor elevated and being able to adjust your screen to eye-level and place it at the optimal distance from you. Don’t adjust your body to your monitor, adjust your monitor to your body! Pair X-TS with the X-Chair of your choice and your body will thank you.

More Information

Brand: X-Chair
Application: Workstation Improvement
Dimensions: Size Range: Monitors Sized 17” - 32”
Weight Limit:
Up to 22lbs
VESA Mounts:
75 x 75mm & 100 x 100mm
Arm Weight:

All parts and materials are warranted for 5 years. During this time, X-Chair™ will provide replacement parts for any damage that is due to defect in material or workmanship. X-Chair™ will bear the entire cost of replacement parts and shipping.

The customer must provide appropriate pictures of their damaged product if requested. A defect in material or workmanship does not include damage to a product, or failure of a product to operate or perform properly or to maintain appearance, caused by

(1) misuse or abuse of the product;
(2) improper assembly or assembly that was not as recommended by the written assembly instructions;
(3) normal wear and tear;
(4) a natural disaster or an Act of God;
(5) transportation;
(6) an unauthorized modification made without the express written consent of X-Chair™;
(7) improper storage;
(8) the natural aging of materials such as wood, leather, and fabric which results in colors shifting during use;
(9) crocking or reverse crocking of dyes from clothing on our seating materials. Products damaged in these ways will not be considered defective and will therefore not be repaired, replaced, or refunded.
We shall not have tort liability with respect to a product, and we shall not be liable for any consequential, economic, indirect, special, punitive, or incidental damages arising from a product defect.


Size Range: Monitors Sized 17” - 32”
Weight Limit: Up to 22lbs
VESA Mounts: 75 x 75mm & 100 x 100mm
Arm Weight: 13.7lbs


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