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X-Chair X-Stack Chair

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No one told the X-Stack that folding chairs are supposed to be uncomfortable. Its extraordinary Pivot Backrest and Flex Mesh Technology create a level of comfort unprecedented in its seating class. X-Stack’s ergonomically contoured seat effortlessly folds up for compact transport and storage, making it ideal for any venue.

Fabric Selection:

Color: Black Flex Mesh

Flex Mesh Technology provides a soft and adaptive feel. Experience the breathable conforming performance of an X-Chair with Flex Mesh and ditch the feeling of overheating.

Caster Options:

Glides: Hard-plastic circles - ideal if you want chair to be stationary.
Caster: Wheels - ideal if chair needs to be moved around.

Imagine a folding chair that’s actually comfortable, a folding chair that provides ergonomic support and the freedom of motion. It was unheard of…until now. The X-Stack has raised the bar for space-saving seating solutions. Its extraordinary Pivot Backrest moves with the user, facilitating improved circulation and concentration by allowing natural movement. And when X-Stack’s job is done, the ergonomically contoured seat neatly folds up for compact storage. Multiple X-Stacks fit comfortably together to form a space-saving and organized queue. Convenience, comfort and style have come together at last.

The Pivot Backrest is unique to the X-Stack. As you lean back, the backrest moves with you, maintaining its ergonomic contour and granting freedom of motion for extraordinary comfort.



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