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Workrite Fundamentals EX Electric Equal Corner 2 Legs Workcenters

Surface Dimension

Base Color

Worksurface Laminate

Foot Set

Control Switch


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Fundamentals EX is our newest adjustable height workcenter and was designed to provide exceptional quality at an affordable price.


Fundamentals features integrated computerized control and is one of the most energy efficient tables in the industry, using less than one dollar of electricity per year on average.

Workcenter Features

– Frame options: 2-leg frames

– 24" or 30" depths

– Widths from 30" to 72" depending on shape

– Finish options: Silver, Charcoal, and White

– Height Range: 22.5" to 48.7"

– Payload Capacity: 125 pounds

– Travel Speed: 1.6 inches per second

– Max Power Draw:

– 120 V, 60 Hz, 1.2 A

– Standby Power: 0.1 W

Base Color


Worksurface Laminate

Workrite's standard laminate selections includes many popular colors from Pionite and Wilsonart. Starting with our Tier 1 selection for greatest value, through our premium Tier 2 wood grains and patterns, ending with our Tier 3 embossed and special finishes round out our offering. Our tops feature color coordinated matching 3 mm edgeband. For more accurate color selection we recommend reviewing our laminate sample chain when making selections.

Foot Set

Control Switch

Select the Standard switch for simple Up/Down control or the Programmable switch for more advanced options including 3 memory pre-sets that can be easily customized by the user.



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