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SomaGlider is the first chair designed to give you ergonomic support, comfort and protect spinal disk health while you sit. This incredible benefit is achieved by the patented ErgoKinetic spring mounted split seat designed by Dr. Richard Robertshaw, DC. Prior to being a practitioner and instructor of Chiropractics, Dr. Robertshaw was a spinal surgical technologist where he had the unique opportunity to see how spinal fluid is moved around to carry essential nutrients for the spinal nerves and drain metabolites out of the cerebra-spinal system. This unique experience gave him insight enabling him to invent the ErgoKinetic seat that enhances spinal health and comfort so well. And that's just the start.

You'll also love the SomaGlider for the supportive, plush comfort and smooth relaxing rocking-chair-like feel. With Soma's state-of-the-art synchro-tilt mechanism and the open-system backrest, the SomaGlider is the perfect standard chair, especially for people who sit for more than 2 hours a day. This great combination gives everyone, including the individual user, business owner, facilities or EH&S manager what they want. One chair designed so well, it helps prevent injury, fits everyone and is the easiest to buy and manage. You can let it adjust itself or you can fine tune it with individual adjustments. With the SomaGlider you no longer have to choose between an easy to adjust chair that automatically rocks and one with the important adjustments you need to accommodate individual preferences for size and posture. Some people like to sit upright and some people like to recline and rock. The SomaGlider does both and no one gets left out because it's available in 3 sizes so everyone can get the size that really fits. You can purchase the standard model, in any of 3 standard sizes or "customize" it to fit most any special need, whenever you need to.

Like all SomaChairs , the SomaGlider and SomaWorker can be specified with an open-system backrest that puts your entire back in the most comfortable and healthful posture. Especially your upper back, neck and shoulders which helps reduce upper back muscle tension and RSI's such as carpal tunnel better than any other chair in the world.

Both can be customized. They are available in two versions: S and SL. The standard (S) SomaGlider has a soft and supportive seat that's great for most everyone. Great for people who prefer that "wrap around" feeling and a chair you can sink into.

The SL version has Soma's exclusive Edge Two-Part Seat that almost automatically improves your posture. It's amazing and especially loved by people who like to sit upright or on the edge of their seat. It promotes correct posture much better than any other chair you've ever tried.

No matter which ErgoKinetic chair you choose, like all SomaChairs , it promotes Stress-Relieving Dynamic Natural Posture, helping you to get more done and feel better doing it. Try one today and you'll feel the difference in any of our standard versions or one customized for your individual needs.

More than a chair, a modular chair system
  • Available in 3 perfect fitting sizes Petite, Standard and Large
  • Available in a tall back executive version
  • Meets/Exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards
  • Includes Soma's industry leading RSI-preventative Thorsacâ„¢ backrests
  • Select from 6 types of armrests
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Large 5-leg base for stability
  • Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • Easy-to-reach adjustments
  • Limited lifetime warranty


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