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ISE Single User Recessed Desk


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Line-of-Sight Recessed Desks

Technology is everywhere in our classrooms and training rooms. Schools are faced with the challenge of utilizing new equipment effectively and safely.

ISE's Line-of-Sight Recessed Desk provides a flexible housing for technology equipment, with cable and security management systems. The desk stores the CPU, monitors and peripherals within its chassis - safely and securely. Monitors rest on a height adjustable recessed shelf, improving student sight lines and minimizing student distractions.

Single User Recessed Desk

The Single User Recessed Desk accommodates one user with one or two flat screen monitors. Each desk features integrated cable and power management, and a height adjustable recessed shelf for the monitors. Recessed desks are available in any size and are suitable for any type of technology, including larger screens, All-in-One PCs, iMacs and multiple CPUs.


  • Height adjustable recessed shelf for flat screen monitors
  • Accommodates any size flat screen, including All-in-One PCs and iMacs
  • Integrated wire management eliminates cable clutter
  • Fixed rear modesty panel (removable version available)
  • Access to desk is provided by removable access panel in front modesty


  • 2mm edge band laminate worksurface in 15 standard finishes
  • Base available in silver, black or white smooth powdercoat finish
  • LEED: MR 4.2, ID 1.1 - 1.4 eligible
  • Warranty: 10 years (electrical 3 years)


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