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ISE RISE Meeting Tables



Standing Meetings Improve Productivity

Recent studies highlight the advantages of standing meetings. A study by Washington University (June 2014) found that standing meetings led to more collaborative and creative outputs. Teams worked together better and were less territorial than in seated meetings.

A study by the University of Missouri found that standing meetings were on average 34% shorter than sitting meetings, increasing productivity and improving idea generation.

RISE meeting tables are the ideal solution. Both highly functional and cost-effective, RISE meeting tables are available in 4-leg or 6-leg configurations, carrying up to 600lbs of weight. Available both in 22 Inch-48 Inch or 27 Inch-46 Inch height ranges and adjustable on one button, RISE meeting tables can be customized to fit almost any size or shape of worksurface.


  • Single switch controls the entire meeting table
  • Available in both RISE and S2 systems
  • Electric motors in each leg provide effortless adjustment
  • Anti-collision function automatically stops motors when table makes contact with an immovable object
  • RISE tables are the greenest tables on the market today, using less than 50 cents of electricity per year in standby


  • Available base-only or complete with worksurface
  • Maximum size for 4-leg base: 96 Inch x 60 Inch
  • Maximum size for 6-leg base: 140 Inch x 60 Inch
  • Available in silver, white and black
  • Speed: up to 1.6 Inch per second
  • Weight capacity: 550lbs with 4-leg base, 600lbs with 6-leg base
  • Warranty: 10 years (electrical 3 years)


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