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ISE Leader Sit-Stand Keyboard System



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Adjustable Keyboard Systems

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury have become watchwords of offices since the advent of the personal computer. Adjustable keyboard systems are essential tools to reduce workplace injury: by with a fully adjustable surface, employees can ensure that they are keyboarding in the ergonomically correct position.

Leader Sit-Stand

ISE’s Leader Sit-Stand arm gives employees the flexibility to keyboard while sitting or standing. Leader Sit-Stand’s height can be adjusted without levers for smooth transitions. The height is visually displayed for ease of reference. The Dial-a-Posture knob adjusts the tilt so users can ensure they are always in the ideal keyboarding position.

Leader Sit-Stand is available in ISE’s extensive range of platform shapes for all applications and worksurface sizes. It is available in a single surface for keyboarding and mousing or with a range of separate mouse supports (retractable, tiltable and swappable). ISE’s unique universal platform shape accommodates standard or curved Microsoft Natural keyboards.


  • Lever-free height adjustment mechanism
  • Dial-a-Posture knob allows for easy tilt
  • Height and tilt readout indicators
  • Available in 10 different platform shapes
  • Platforms can easily be swapped in the field if the use changes
  • Universal platform shape accommodates straight and curved keyboards


  • 14.25 Inch height range (6 Inch below the track and 8.25 Inch above)
  • +10-degree to -15-degree dial tilt range (positive lock-out available at no upcharge)
  • ¼ Inch thin phenolic platform with low profile palm pad
  • Arm swivels 360-degrees on the track
  • Palm pad available in leather-like or gel foam finish
  • Arm and platform available in matte black finish
  • High recycled content
  • Limited lifetime warranty


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