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ISE Desk Power Connectivity


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Line-of-Sight tables accommodate a diverse range of connectivity options to ensure power is available within each desk. Power is required to operate the Line-of-Sight monitor lift mechanism and to run CPUs and electronic equipment.

ISE offers hardwired power options, plug and play power bars which can be daisy chained and individual power strips.

8 Wire 4 Circuit Hardwire Power Track

  • Hardwire power is directly connected to the wall or floor by an electrician
  • 8 wire 4 circuit power track contains 4 receptacles, two of which are isolated circuits which share an isolated ground for computer equipment
  • Additional receptacles available
  • Power tracks can be daisy chained together according to electrical code and connect without tools
  • Available in a range of different lengths
  • UL/CSA listed

Single Circuit Power Bar

  • 15A 125V power bar is a plug and play solution which does not require an electrician
  • No hard wiring allows for desk flexibility
  • 24 Inch power bar with 6’ cord which plugs directly into a wall receptacle
  • Each bar has eight receptacles and a separate grounded receptacle which allows the power bars to be daisy chained together within the amperage limit allowed by electrical code
  • Each power bar contains a built-in resettable circuit breaker
  • UL/CSA listed

Surge Protected Power Strip

  • Ideal solution where floor boxes provide each desk unit with power connections
  • Available with 6 or 8 receptacles
  • Suitable for use with transformer blocks
  • Each strip contains a circuit breaker, EMI-RFI filter, surge indicator and an on/off switch

Cable Management

  • Power and data troughs coordinate with both hard wire power tracks and plug and play power bars
  • Troughs are pre-installed at the factory for ease of use
  • A flexible corrugated plastic wire manager is a cost effective way to keep cables neat and tidy within the desk chassis


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