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ISE Crestron Connectivity

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Line-of-Sight Automation System Connection

Crestron, Extron and AMX systems are becoming popular in educational and office environments. These systems control a facility’s lights, blinds, HVAC and electronic peripherals, centralizing these controls on a touchpad usually imbedded in the wall or the instructor’s lectern.

Line-of-Sight is fully compatible with these systems, allowing the desks to be raised or lowered, and locked or unlocked, directly through the Crestron system.

The unique connection system does not require any hard wiring to the central unit and is as simple as connecting one device to the Crestron control unit. After the A/V team has created the buttons on the touchpad, Line-of-Sight is fully integrated into the automation system.

Features and Specifications

  • Single point of connection to automation system control box with no hard wiring required
  • All desks in a room or even multiple rooms can be controlled through automation system


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