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ISE Connect Meeting Table

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Connect Meeting Table

Open-plan offices and flexible methods of teaching require small teams to meet for informal breakout sessions, often centered around technology. Meeting spaces that are flexible enable groups to work efficiently in a variety of styles.

ISE’s Connect Meeting Table easily creates a collaborative environment, while retaining technological flexibility. Utilising ISE’s Line-of-Sight technology, the Connect table houses any size or style of computer equipment, from an all-in-one PC to a 60 Inch LED TV. At the push of a button, the monitor rises from the chassis of the table, creating a multi-use space.

Expensive equipment is stored away safely and securely, and Connect’s unique design does not require the screen to be mounted on a wall, allowing multiple tables to be placed in rooms that require both lecture and break-out modes.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in 40 Inch counter height, 29 Inch seated height or with a height adjustable mechanism
  • Sizes and shapes can be customized in any way
  • Accommodates any size or weight of screen, up to a 60 Inch LED TV
  • Connectivity technology including HDMI, USB and power available, or desk can be provided without connectivity allowing ultimate flexibility


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