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iMovr EcoLast Premium Anti Fatigue Standing Mat in Designer Granite Pattern

EcoLast Designer Granite Color and Size


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  • 100% polyurethane construction – and a hefty ¾ Inch thickness – means the EcoLast Premium Standing Mat will never delaminate, curl, or lose its buoyancy
  • Bold shimmer finish emulates the prestige of polished granite flooring
  • Environmentally friendly—Made from 100% recyclable material and no plasticizers
  • Features an industry-leading, ten-year, full-performance warranty
  • Improves standing comfort three times better than any other mat, enabling more standing time

Make a Statement with Your Standing Mat

A good standing mat supports your feet, legs, and back while allowing you to spend fewer hours sitting. A great standing mat will last for years without degrading in shape or performance. A fabulous standing mat looks good while it does that. The iMovR EcoLast Designer Granite Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat is simply a fabulous standing mat.

The bold shimmer finish of these mats emulates the prestige and elegance of polished granite flooring, allowing them to infuse your workspace with a bit of extra class. iMovR EcoLast Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats in Designer Granite Pattern come in three colors and two sizes. Choose from Steel, Copper, or Emerald, and select either the 3 Feet x 2 Feet or 6 Feet x 2 Feet size to best fit your space and décor.

Made from 100% polyurethane, this standing mat is guaranteed to never delaminate, curl, or lose its buoyancy. Polyurethane outperforms competing materials like foam or gel in reducing strain on your back, legs and feet by 3-to-1, as proven in university research. These mats are three times as effective as the common, cheaper foam materials our competitors use in reducing spinal compression and in maintaining sit-reach flexibility after long hours of standing. As if that wasn’t enough, polyurethane mats have just enough give to increases proprioceptor stimulation (you can squish your toes in it), which improves your overall balance throughout the day, and helps to stave off balance impairment as we get older.

iMovR EcoLast Premium Designer Granite mats are inherently anti-microbial, and resistant to wear, abrasion, staining, puncturing, tearing and chemical damage. These mats contain no plasticizers, so they will not leach out obnoxious smells or bad chemicals, and are easy to clean to boot. Last, but certainly not least, polyurethane is a 100% recyclable material, making the EcoLast Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat more environmentally friendly than other mats too. And because it’s designed to last a lifetime, it won’t wind up in the landfill after a year or two like cheaper, disposable foam mats often do.

The iMovR’s EcoLast Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat has received the top 5-star rating from the expert review team at, beating out every other standing desk mat on the market.



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