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Goldtouch Gel Filled Mouse Pad | Black


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From the office to the home, the Goldtouch Gel Filled Mouse Pad gives your hands, wrists, and joints the respite they need so that you can work without experiencing pain or fatigue. With its unique, patented design, you won’t find comfort like this anywhere else.

  • Designed for protection: The right-handed Gel Filled Mouse Pad features a gentle slope and curve to protect your hand and wrist from hard surfaces.
  • Experience superior comfort: The gel interior was specifically designed to provide safe respite while mousing, pointing, clicking, and scrolling.
  • Excellent trackability: The black Lycra cover is both stylish and functional, creating a highly trackable surface.

With a Gel Filled Mouse Pad, you’ll enjoy a better mouse experience throughout your workday and beyond.


Length: 10 Inches
Width: 8.5 Inches
Height: 1 Inch
Weight: 1.6 lbs.


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