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Focal Upright Furniture Locus Sphere Standing Desk

Desk Top Color

Sphere Shelf Upgrade

Anti-Fatigue Mat

iMac Bracket

LED Light

Wire Mgmt Tray


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Work Better. Live Better.

Locus Sphere™ Desk

Working at the new Locus Sphere ergonomic standing desk is like having your own personal mission control. With the wrap-around geometry of the Martin Keen design, the Sphere envelops you and provides easy access to all your worktools. The accessory shelf provides a horizontal surface for your monitors and phone, allowing one to take full advantage of the independent tilting of the worksurface. Combined with either of the Focal chairs (Mobis or Locus) the Sphere puts the user in an ergonomically superior open-angle position which facilitates bloodflow to the extremities.

Sphere comfortably accommodates a person ranging in height from 4’11″ to 6’8″. The desk top is easily raised and lowered with a German-designed crank lifting mechanism rated to 180 lbs. The desk top can be used either flat or angled up to 15º. Sphere is available in black or white laminate, or can be upgraded to American walnut or white oak wood finishes.

Product Dimensions:

Desk top: D 31″ x W 78″
Width between desk legs 40″, height range 36″ to 48″


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