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BodyBilt J757 CRE Clean Room/ESD Chair


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BodyBilt’s maximum ergonomic function and comfort are now available for environments requiring both Clean Room, (up to Class 10) and ESD, static dissipative properties.

BodyBilt stools and chairs come specially equipped for environments that require a high degree of air purity.  Our clean room chairs offer the characteristics that are essential to a clean environment.  Our clean room chairs may be completely hosed down without any adverse affects to the mechanism or fabric surfaces.

When it comes to sterile or clean room environments, BodyBilt® offers the right product for ergonomic workplace seating. BodyBilt® chairs and lab stools are designed to provide maximum comfort, anatomical support and adjustability. For over twenty years, BodyBilt ®Ergonomic Seating Solutions have defined value and comfort for seated workers of all sizes and shapes in their unique work environments. From the petite individual to those in excess of 500 pounds, BodyBilt® has the solution!Almost every BodyBilt chair can be made into a clean room chair, or even an ESD (electro static dissipative) chair. Our clean room and ESD chair still have all the ergonomic benefits of a BodyBilt Chair.

Depending on the fabric used, we can build a chair to meet the strict requirements for cleanroom Class 1, 10, and 100 ESDSTM 12.1-1997 standards. We have also tested certain fabrics for use in dental and medical environments, to where caustic cleaners such as bier can be used daily to clean the chairs.

For ESD environments, we start with electric dissipating fabric, and then ground the entire chair through to casters (wheels). We use a resistor in cylinder, and also use special ESD caster. In fact, on the ESD chair two 2.0 megohm, 2 watt resistor are used to provide efficient static dissipation with the necessary margin of safety. When we are done, each ESD chair is tested and approved for use in ESD environments. ErgoGenesis has several customers in the semi-conductor and electronics industry that rely on BodyBilt ergonomic ESD chairs to keep their seated workers comfortable and productive.


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