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The Big Deal




247ergo has gone to the mat for our customers. We have wrestled with our vendors and manufacturers to bring our customers exceptional savings and value. Each month, we will present a new “Big Deal” that we think will knock your socks off. So join the ergonomic revolution and save, save, save!


The Carpel Tunnel Rescue Kit

Comfort Keyboards System and the Zero Tension Mouse.



It’s a one, two punch for carpel tunnel defense.

One – Custom Keyboard System

The original adjustable keyboard system that allow you to get your hands in a pain free position. It’s highly adjustability lets you dial in the perfect position for you to type in and be more productive in without the pain.  The keyboard is fully mappable which makes it very customizable.

Two – The Zero Tension Mouse

The leading ergonomic mouse, it takes you into the handshake position. It supports you hand while promoting zero tension.  The zero tension mouse comes in small, medium and large to fit your hand.

If you type all day, than this is the solution you have been waiting for. And after all, don’t you deserve it?