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Luxo L-1 Task Light



Desk Base

Panel Mount Bracket

Tool-Tile Bracket




L-1 - A prime example of how versatility, quality and stylish design produce a product of such long-lasting popularity. The world’s original architect lamp designed in 1937 by Luxo. Since its creation, 25 million L-1 luminaires have been sold worldwide, and L-1 has been distinguished by most of the prestigious awards in the world of industrial design. Unique design, ingenious lighting properties and a flexible spring-balanced arm have earned L-1 a place among the world’s all time classics.

Technical Description

- Light source: Supplied with a 13W energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp (Rated max. 40W)
- Arm length: 41in. (1040 mm)
- Available with edge clamp mount
- Colors: Silver Grey, White
- Accessory: Table/desk base


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