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Humanscale QuickStand Under Desk Sit Stand Workstation


Monitor Mount

Monitor Arm Bracket Color*


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QuickStand Under Desk offers effortless functionality in a sleek, modern design. The continuous force mechanism is enclosed within a central column beneath the desk surface — allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow.

Now available to order with OfficeIQ to increase sit/stand utilization and transform traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces.

QuickStand Under Desk is a workspace wellness solution that encourages users to integrate more movement into their daily routine. Without compromising ergonomics, QuickStand Under Desk is designed to blend into any office environment and allows for unobstructed views when in the sit position.


Refined Aesthetic
Thanks to a central column beneath the desk surface and built-in cable management, QuickStand Under Desk allows for more usable desktop space and contributes to a more streamlined workspace.

Versatile Support
With 18” of adjustability, QuickStand Under Desk supports users of varying heights, offers stability while typing and holds single or dual monitors up to 35 lbs. It’s also compatible with our best-selling line of monitor arms.

Workplace Wellness
QuickStand Under Desk's effortless operation encourages more movement throughout the day, helping to prevent diseases related to long-term sitting. Free of Red List chemicals and built with sustainable, non-toxic materials, QuickStand Under Desk makes a positive impact on people both during manufacturing and when it is in use.


Tech Specs

Platform Height Adjustment: 18"

Product Weight:
Single Fixed Monitor Arm - 42.0 lbs. (19.1 kg)
Dual Fixed Monitor Arm - 44.5 lbs. (20.2 kg)
M2/ M8/ M/Flex Monitor Arm - 39 lbs. (17.7 kg)

*Monitor arm bracket color is used for only the M2, M8 and Mflex monitor mount styles. The main assembly is always black or white.


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