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Humanscale Neatup Cable Management For Float Table



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Today’s computer users require a variety of work tools to effectively complete daily tasks.  Between laptops, monitors, desk lights, and phones, untamed cables can create a mess around the workstation.

NeatUp is the first cable management solution designed for sit/stand desks that self-adjusts with the desk, while simultaneously providing power directly to the user.

Height adjustable cable management system

Neatly stores cables beneath the work surface

Powers devices with built-in 6 outlet power strip

Quick and easy installation

Compatible with Float

A clean office, free of visual distractions, can have a positive influence on employee well-being. Studies show a direct correlation between an uncluttered desk and worker productivity.

NeatUp helps to improve focus by reducing cable clutter through a uniquely innovative cable management system.


Power Where It’s Needed Most
NeatUp brings the power to where it’s needed most – the work surface. Unlike traditional cable management solutions, NeatUp features a 6-outlet power strip that conveniently supplies power directly to the user.

Designed To Be Invisible
Compatible with any Humanscale Float or eFloat table, NeatUp’s slim profile and practical design effortlessly blend with the table leg. Power is routed through the unit to eliminate the need for multiple cords dangling from the work surface to further reduce visual clutter.

Uninterrupted Movement
NeatUp’s innovative design not only provides the user with easy access to power but also seamlessly self-adjusts with Humanscale’s Float and eFloat height-adjustable desks.


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