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Humanscale Monarch Floor Mat



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Humanscale’s Monarch Mat provides long-lasting comfort and support for today’s active professional. An essential component of the ergonomic workstation, this standing mat disperses pressure and increases circulation throughout the lower body.

Mobility at the workstation is essential. Whether the user is sitting or standing, Humanscale’s Monarch Mat adapts to all movements and encourages regular activity and sit/stand utilization.


Chair Compatibility
The mat is designed to seamlessly adapt to sitting and standing positions. Its butterfly design and outer grooves easily allow the chair base to move in and out of the workstation without having to be mounted onto the mat.

Durable Design
For ultimate longevity, the Monarch Mat passed a rigorous durability test in which a weighted chair (154 lbs.) rolled back and forth on top of the mat constantly. The mat surpassed expectations, passing up to 30,000 cycles without wear.

Thermal Regulation
The mat’s high thermal capacity and temperature regulation allows users to enjoy a refreshing, cool feeling, with or without shoes. This helps the body stay relaxed and tension-free throughout the day.

Humanscale and Technogel
Founded in 1990 by Massimo Losio, Technogel® has grown into an international family of scientists, engineers, creatives, analysts, craftspeople and dreamers united by a commitment to making the world more comfortable.

In addition to the Monarch Mat, Technogel also produces Humanscale’s comfortable chair gel cushions and arm pads.


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