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Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm for M2.1 Arms

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M/Flex transforms any workspace with unprecedented flexibility and ergonomic performance. Designed for today’s agile work environment, users can easily add or remove monitors without disrupting the originally configured installation. This multi-monitor arm system accommodates endless configurations and is fully compatible with Humanscale’s next generation monitor arms — providing all of the cutting-edge features of the line.

Easy to install and simple to upgrade for an overall reduced cost of ownership, M/Flex is the most scalable solution available for the modern workplace.

M/Flex’s modular design makes it simple to reconfigure and allows for independent adjustment of monitors when they are used separately — encouraging flexibility and collaboration at the workstation.

By easily setting monitors at an optimal distance and height, M/Flex increases usable desk space and allows the user to work in a healthy posture throughout the day.


Innovative Design
The M/Flex multi-monitor arm system allows the user to simply swap attachments to suit their changing technology needs while retaining a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Manufactured primarily from recycled aluminum, M/Flex is as recyclable as it is beautiful.

Greater Versatility
M/Flex offers the most versatile, modular multi-monitor system available. By lifting up to six monitors—up to 20 lbs. each—off the work surface, M/Flex frees up valuable desk space, helping to preserve the existing office aesthetics. M/Flex’s removable 180-degree stop also protects walls and panels.

Unparalleled Customization
M/Flex offers effortless adjustment and enables easy, spontaneous configurations. With its plug-and-play customization, M/Flex allows users to add monitor arms, attachments and accessories as needed. M/Flex is the perfect addition to the modern and constantly evolving workspace and, when paired with the M/Connect™ monitor arm base, users can completely eliminate cable clutter and gain easy access to USB ports and high-speed charging.

Monitor Weight Range: 4-20 lbs
Max Arm Reach: 24”
Max Height Adjustment – 12”
Monitor Capacity: 1-6


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