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Humanscale Diffrient Occasional Multipurpose Side Chair


Frame Color

Backrest Mesh

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Diffrient Occasional is a stackable multipurpose chair that is suitable for a variety of office and group settings. A strong, linear backrest made with proprietary non-stretch mesh creates a three-dimensional form — fitting the user like a perfectly tailored shirt.

Diffrient Occasional responds to the sitter and adapts to the contours of the body. Featuring expertly welded joints that create a continuous frame, Occasional is suitable for any office or home environment. It can be configured to match our Diffrient Smart, Diffrient World or Liberty task chairs for a consistent and restrained look.


Ergonomic Comfort
Using the laws of physics as opposed to a manual adjustment, our patented Form-Sensing Mesh Technology provides automatic lumbar support for every user.

Engineered for Longevity
The chair’s high-quality materials and sturdy frame are built to last. Capable of stacking up to five chairs high, Occasional's urethane arms are designed to resist damage — even when moved and stacked.

Customizable Options
Available in a variety of patterns and finishes, you can design Occasional to suit your aesthetic needs. Its restrained and elegant style will blend into any environment.


Chair Width 23.2”
Base Size N/A
Seat Height Range 18”
Recline Range 8° backrest tilt
Chair Weight 21.5 lbs
Stackable Up to 5 chairs


Backrest Mesh:



Silver Check

This brilliant weave of monofilament strands and silver-coated yarns offers resiliency and
durability. The award-winning mesh textile was designed to provide optimal ergonomic
support and comfort by melding strength and flexibility. Like Humanscale's other meshes,
Silver Check has a low abrasion factor and is extremely gentle on clothing.

Content: 74% Polyester, 26% Nylon


Monofilament Stripe

This award-winning mesh textile was designed to provide optimal ergonomic support and comfort by melding strength, flexibility and resiliency. Using only monofilament yarns that are thin and strong, a simple but classic stripe pattern is achieved through weave structure and yarn placement. This pattern has slight elasticity, but terrific memory.

Content: 82% Polyester, 18% Nylon



Dash-one of the latest mesh innovations from Elizabeth Whelan Design-was inspired by the way in which the color appears and then disappears, creating a colored "dash" across the fabric surface. Dash combines a variety of elements to be as strong, lightweight and responsive as possible. With a distinct pattern and small scale, Dash carries color brilliantly and densely for a beautiful result.

Content: 87% Polyester, 11% Nylon, 2% Acrylic



Pinstripe is a lightweight mesh, that still manages to provide the strength and support of a much heavier mesh, by using two different monofilament stretch yarns to provide firmness and excellent recovery of the fabric. Only the pinstripe yarns take the dye, and the monofilament yarns are grey instead of black, giving a more neutral background to the pattern and allowing light to pass through the fabric.

Content: 82% Polyester, 18% Nylon

Seat Fabric:


Lotus Grade 1 Fabric

Aptly named after the plant known for its healing properties, beauty, and cleanliness, Lotus is one of the latest creations from award-winning designer Elizabeth Whelan. Water repellant and easy to clean, it is an ideal textile for the healthcare and hospitality environments. Its polyurethane finish with nylon backing boasts a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch while offering exceptional durability, and its four-way stretch design provides the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to Humanscales unique ergonomically designed seat cushions. Lotus meets and exceeds all performance requirements
for task seating applications, including all heavy-duty contract and healthcare tests.

Content: 100% Polyurethane face, Nylon backing


Ginko Grade 2 Fabric

Created by Elizabeth Whelan Design, Ginkgo reflects the delicate parallel veins of the Ginkgo biloba tree leaves. It is composed of 90% wool, a renewable fiber that offers durability, elegance and flexibility. Available in a variety of vibrant and saturated colors, Ginkgo extends the breadth of Humanscale's seating color line. Ginkgo's exceptional performance on contract textile tests and subtle sophistication will satisfy any task seating application.

Content: 90% Wool, 10% Nylon

Sensuede Grade 3 Fabric

Offering style and performance, Sensuede was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The silky feel is the result of recycled microfibers that are breathable, extra-strong and resitant to most stains and wrinkles.

Content: 88% Polyester and 12% Polyurethane (more than 50% recycled polyester microfibers)

Corde 4 Grade 1 Fabric

Corde 4 is a four-way stretch design which moves with the sitter as they adjust positions in their chair, providing ultimate comfort. Its intricate weave structure, dimensional surface and wide array of neutral and vibrant shades are visually appealing and engaging to the touch.

Fourtis Grade 1 Fabric

Fourtis is a four-way stretch fabric that easily conforms to our cushions for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. While still adjustable, its satin crepe weave structure is highly durable and creates a strong, high-performance fabric.

Ticino Grade 1 (Chrome-Free Leather)

Ticino is a semi-aniline dyed leather available in a variety of rich colors inspired by nature. It is a top corrected grain leather to create a more natural aesthetic and ensure the leather remains as unique as the hide itself.

Corvara Grade 3 (Chrome-Free Leather)

Corvara is a semi-aniline dyed leather that offers a smooth, silky feel and ultimate durability. It is a top, full grain leather that is embossed lightly for a consistent, uniform grain structure.


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