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Humanscale CPU600 CPU Holder



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The Humanscale CPU600 is an easy to install high performance CPU holder offering convenient features including a 360 degree swivel and horizontal glides to bring CPUs in reach when needed so users avoid assume awkward positions to perform normal tasks. The CPU600 is mounted on a track under the work surface reducing cable clutter and extending CPU life by keeping it cool and off the floor where dust accumulates and valuable computer equipment could be kicked or damaged by a vacuum cleaner. Quick removal and replacement requires no tools.


-Proprietary friction locks and Quick Track make installation and removal
for servicing simpler and quicker than any CPU holder on the market

-Designed by the award-winning Humanscale Design Studio

-Under-the-desk track provides easy access or convenient stowing

-One-touch 360° swivel motion provides effortless access to cables, ports and drives

-Helps prevent awkward postures that could lead to injury

-Promotes longer CPU life by allowing CPUs to stay cool and vent freely

-Elevates CPUs off the floor where dust build-up and other hazards can damage valuable computer equipment

-Helps keep workstations neat and organized

-15-year, 24/7 warranty


-Adjusts to fit CPUs 3.6" to 9" wide by 12" to 20" high

-Slides smoothly on nylon glides in 16" track

-Supports CPUs up to 50 pounds

-Rotates a full 360 degrees for complete access to cables and ports

-Adjustable mounting plate ensures that the CPU will be centered and balanced


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