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Humanscale 900 Standard Build Your Own Keyboard System


Mouse Platform

Palm Support


Lateral Slider

Corner Sleeve

Mouse Pad


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The Humanscale 900 Standard Keyboard Platform has been designed to ensure that users type and mouse within their neutral reach zone creating a safe comfortable and sustainable work environment. Your keyboard system can be configured to meet your specific needs.

The 900 Standard Keyboard Platform is made of material known as phenolic: it's an
ultra-strong, remarkably thin (1/4") composite that's non-toxic, durable and easy to
clean. Humanscale Keyboard platforms are the highest quality on the market and
carry a limited lifetime warranty as well.

The Humanscale Standard 900 platform has been designed to support nearly all
standard keyboards and fit most desks using the variety of configurations available.

Humanscale 900 Keyboard Platform Dimensions: 19" W x 10.625" D


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