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Modern living means mobility, change and acceleration. Everything around us is in motion. The only thing that stays in place is us - and increasingly, our society is becoming a seated one, with far-reaching health consequences. But how can we bring the movement we need back into our everyday lives? Now there's a convenient way, plus it looks good! This is what drives us in our efforts to develop new products and training programs. We have started with the ONGO® Seat, which promotes active sitting and strenghtens the body's central support: the spine. Additional products will follow, all of them aimed to help build physical training and exercises for the back into our everyday lives in a fun way. The exercises involved will be simple, yet effecitive, and the devices themselves will be aesthetically pleasing pieces that fit into our day-to-day environment, at home and at work.

  • Ongo Seating Classic Tall Stool

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  • Ongo Seating Stand Stool

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