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Health Postures

Motion. Energy. Life.

Motion – HealthPostures, LLC has been focused on designing and manufacturing sit stand solutions since 1996.  Our bodies were made to move.  When you have a sedentary life style, you are putting yourself at risk for health problems.  They strive to provide quality products that will help transform your sedentary life so you have a healthy way to work.

Energy – HealthPostures wants you to feel better, be more  productive and get through those mid-morning and late afternoon slumps.  By using our sit stand products you will feel energized and productive throughout your work day.

Life – HealthPostures wants you to enjoy your life away from work, so by providing you with products that will help keep you healthy at work, you can go home and have the energy to do the things you enjoy.

Their Headquarters is located in Burnsville, MN and their products are Made in the USA.


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