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Conset 501-27

501-27 is perfect as a free standing desk or in cubicle applications and it exceeds the standards set by ANSI / HFES 100 - 2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations guidelines. This is the most in-depth and current ergonomic guideline in the world and it states that the optimum adjustment range for height adjustable desks should accommodate individuals from the 5 th to 95 th percentile by having the work surface adjust from 22" to 48". With our 501-27 and a 1" thick tabletop you get full adjustability from 22" to 48". Combine this with a 220 lbs maximum load *, automatic safety stop, optional locking casters and the ability to accommodate 18" deep tabletops and you get a desk that covers all the bases. Removable top bracket allows for easy installation of keyboard support.