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X-Chair X-FlexTop Portable Sit Stand Desk



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At X-Chair, we believe that constant movement is one of the key factors to staying comfortable, productive, and happy. X-FlexTop will help to achieve part of this goal by allowing you to spend a portion of your day standing while you work.

X-FlexTop rises to the occasion. It allows you to easily continue working while standing, increasing daily comfort and allowing you to move around while you work.

You can also use X-FlexTop to slightly change your desk height to make sure your monitor or you laptop are at a comfortable height when sitting in your X-Chair.

The X-FlexTop perfectly compliments any X-Chair. Combined, they provide the best option to create a healthy and productive work environment.

In addition to pairing beautifully with your office space, X-FlexTop offers the following benefits

  • One to Two hours per day is the optimal amount of time to work while standing, according to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Reducing sitting time can promote an active lifestyle. Even if you own the incredible X-Chair, it is still good to vary your work position.
  • Changing positions at work can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels.


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