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Swopper Custom Edition


Spring and Base Color





Swopper – Distributed by Via

The Swopper Chair is suitable for anywhere in your home (dining, office, game room, study) or office (computing,writing, drawing, conference room). Use the Swopper anywhere you sit!

Health Benefits

• Improves posture and stabilization of the spine.
• Provides relief for back pain.
• Strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and abdomen.
• Improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc.
• Improves circulation to the lower extremities.
• Assists lymphatic flow
• Provides a fun energized experience while seated.

The Swopper Chair has 3 adjustments to customize to your personal requirements:

Height Adjustment - from 22" up to 27.5"
Spring Tension Adjustment
Lateral Motion Adjustment - allows an
increase or decrease of the range of motion
side to side and forwards to backwards


Hue - Grade 1

Black, Blue or Grey

Hue is crafted of 100% recycled polyester and features a latex backing and a teflon surface finish. Hue is extremely durable, an excellent choice for 24/7, multi-user applications as its abrasion rating is one million rubs. It can be cleaned with water based agents, foam or pure water-free solvents.

Leather - Grade 6

Spring and Base Color




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