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Standee Flex Sit Stand Desks

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Electric, Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Series

Simply Elegant. Amazingly Affordable.

It’s time to GO VERTICAL with the StandeeFlex, our freestanding electric, height- and width-adjustable sit-stand desk series. The Standee Flex combines simplicity, elegance, and affordability like no other desk on the market.

With its durable metal frame, meticulously engineered mechanical parts, furniture-quality desk tops, and budget-conscious price, the Standee Flex makes a sit-stand work style available to everyone. Simply put, the Standee Flex offers extraordinary value. It is a game changer that will change the way you work and change the way you live.

The Standee Flex is available in 3 frame colors: black, silver, and white. By simply pressing the up or down arrows on the standard control panel, the frame adjusts within a range of 27.5 Inch to 45.25 Inch in height. The width of the frame also adjusts to accommodate desktops as small as 47.5 Inch wide and as large as 78 Inch wide. The Standee Flex frame has a lifting capacity of 176 lbs.


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