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Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Lift Stand

SKU: 33-331-085


Perfect for extensive laptop computing—work healthy and comfortable. Simply combine your notebook with an LCD display, separate keyboard and mouse to create a productive dual-display configuration.

Save time by viewing multiple applications at once. With this stand’s height adjustment, tilt and rotation, you’ll get desktop computing comfort combined with the portability of a laptop.


-Get desktop comfort with notebook portability—the perfect home base for the business traveller who is constantly on the go
-Adjust the height of your notebook and external LCD for maximum productivity and ergonomic comfort
-Superior technical design enables use with or without a docking station
-Create a productive dual-display configuration by placing your notebook’s screen alongside an LCD
-Flexible design enables notebook to be configured on either the right or left side
-Perfectly align notebook and monitor bezels for optimum viewing comfort and enhanced productivity
-Integrated base rollers enable 360° pan rotation of the stand so you can share your views with others
-Patented motion technology produces smooth adjustment
-Its small footprint frees up your desktop to increase workspace, making the addition of a second display an easy fit
-Five-inch (12.7 cm) height adjustment ergonomically accommodates average range of users


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